Working with a Graphic Designer

July 9, 2020 Adlab

What to expect when working with a graphic designer

How do you begin working with a graphic designer? You have established a need, done your homework and identified a graphic designer who you think could be what you are looking for. What happens next?

When you contact a graphic designer, you should have a brief initial discussion to make sure they are the right type of organisation for your needs. For example, you may be looking for assistance with building a website, creating a new brand for your business or maybe it is a specific marketing promotion you need help with. Whatever your requirements, establishing that the company can do what you need is the first step. You will also get an idea of the company during this initial conversation. Are they engaged and attentive? They should be readily able to provide examples of similar work for you to review. Are they offering this? You should feel comfortable and confident. Are they putting you at ease? After all, it can be a big decision to put your business in the hands of others. Did you come away from this initial conversation feeling excited about your project? Great! That’s an excellent start.

Getting to know you

Any good relationship is built on spending time getting to know each other. This is an essential part of working together and best done in person or via video call (Zoom, FaceTime etc.). A meeting with your graphic designer should take place before work commences. This is an opportunity for them to delve deeper into what you do and why you do it. This will not only give the organisation a better understanding of you and your business but will also give you the opportunity to confirm they are the right fit for you.

"Working with a graphic designer should begin with a conversation to understand you and your business."

The graphic design process

There are several ways things might proceed but, in general, you will give a brief of your requirements to the graphic designers and a plan will be developed to achieve your goals, with a set timeline and budget.

A good graphic design company will identify the team members who will be involved in your project – and introduce you to them. These might be technical experts and website specialists, creative leaders, marketing and promotional professionals – whoever it takes to bring your project to life. A collaborative approach is essential. This is also where working with a company with a broad and diverse range of experience comes in (like Adlab!). That freelance graphic designer might promise the world but it is extremely rare that one person will have all the skills to undertake your project.

Speaking of the world, ensure your graphic designer and their team are not spread across it. They should be based solely in Australia. Working with and supporting local business has many advantages including being easily and readily available, understanding local markets and trends and providing faster response times for urgent alterations – not to mention you feel good doing it.

Open communication is essential and you should have regular discussions with your graphic designer. This is how you know they are on the right track and continuing to meet your needs. You should also be able to contact the company and speak directly to those working on your project. This might sound a little simple but with a lot of companies you will be assigned an account manager, meaning you won’t speak directly to the team working for you.

Once your project draft is ready, you should be invited to review it with the team and discuss the next stage. Are you delighted with it and agree to finalise the project? Excellent! However, if you are unsure, you should have opportunity to provide feedback, request any necessary changes and meet again with a view to finalising the work.

Consider Adlab for your next graphic design project

You must be at the centre of your project. There should be a clear picture of the stages, expectations, timeframes and targets. You should be supported by a responsive team of professionals who understand you and your goals. Coincidentally, that’s the Adlab way.

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child – and this is your baby!

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