What is a Digital Instant Win Promotion?

October 21, 2020 Adlab

Roll up, roll up! Every player wins a prize!

These words conjure up memories of the good old days when booming voices echoed across the sideshow alley, spruiking for passers-by to try their luck at their stand and win a prize. It was exciting, dramatic and filled with anticipation.

Now, imagine this same scenario but in today’s online world. That is a digital instant win promotion.

We are not unlike the traditional spruikers who knew that enticing people with the chance to win something is bound to attract attention. That much has not changed. However, the spruiker relied on people already being within proximity of their stand, while a digital promotion offers one of the broadest reaching forms of promotion you can create. They are a simple way to engage with existing and potential customers, now and in the future, yet still offer the elements of excitement, drama and anticipation, with each purchase presenting a new chance to win. And the win is immediate, making it even more attractive in today’s ‘now’ society.

Also, any instant win promotion can be easily adapted as an online version or include an online redemption element. See business benefits below for why this is so important.

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What are the business benefits of a digital instant win promotion

There are numerous benefits when it comes to these types of promotions. They have the potential to increase sales and website traffic while you gain valuable information from your customers. This will help you to build a database for future promotions/EDMs (with their permission, of course). Being digital will also assist in increasing the generational appeal, meaning a broader customer base for you. Further, you are in complete control of your promotion, the win percentage and for how long the promotion runs.

‘Digital instant win promotions deepen brand recognition and drive brand engagement.’


Think about your outcome

The outcome of a digital instant win promotion is what makes it a standout marketing tool. While deepening brand recognition, you are inviting customers to interact with your brand and revisit it again and again for more chances to win, putting it front of mind and keeping it there for longer periods. You are also developing customer loyalty, a crucial element of an effective promotion. This will prove its worth across other aspects of your business and in future marketing opportunities.


What is required to run a digital instant win promotion

There are some elements which must be considered when thinking about the promotion. You will need a set of terms and conditions so consideration must be given to any limitations for entry, winning, prize collection etc. The prizes must also be determined and can include many layers – from a single small prize for individual entries through to a top major prize through multiple entries. It is up to you how you determine the prizes and how they work. The win percentage of high- and low-end prizes must also be determined along with your point of sale and unique codes etc. Last but certainly by no means least, the design of your promotion is of utmost importance. Think about how it could stand out through, for example, the use of animation and video. If this sounds a bit overwhelming, fear not, we are here to help you every step of the way.


What types on digital instant win promotions can we assist you with

Our team are experienced in all manner of digital promotions and can help you create an attention-grabbing, engaging promotion to suit your brand and business and that people will want to engage with. We can create: Spin to Win, Scratch to Win, Pour to Win … your promotion is only limited by your imagination!

Digital instant win promotions require experience and skill to do well and are worth the investment in creating a professional and seamless promotion that works, is simple and makes people want to return and buy from you.

View this live example of a digital instant win promotion here: https://uniquecode.adlab.com.au/

So, roll up, roll up (digitally speaking) and have a discussion with our team about your next digital instant win promotion.

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