Trade or Sales Promotions

What is trade or sales promotion?

Trade or sales promotions are marketing strategies aimed at increasing product demand in the retail space. This includes point of sale displays, as well as online promotions. They can take many forms, including giveaways, sweepstakes or contests. All of these methods share the purpose of creating a buzz around your product or service and increasing its demand. When done well, a trade or sales promotion is a very effective business tool.

Point of Sale Display – Design & Production

We can build the supporting materials for your trade or sales promotion. Whatever you need, we can create – from printed goods such as posters, flyers, scratch cards, standees, and displays, to digital activation such as EDM, social tiles, and more. We help you get your trade or sales promotion in front of the right audience.

Online Promotions – Website Development

Microsites, social media tiles, or website pages built specifically to support and promote your trade or sales promotion are key to a successful campaign. We can create all of these to assist in creating buzz around your brand.

Licensing & Prize Draws

Understanding the licensing requirements to conduct a lawful competition or promotion is complex and involved – Adlab can take care of all legal requests and prize draws on your behalf, removing a lot of the stress and hassle from running a promotion. 

Prize Fulfilment

Need to source prizes for your promotion? Our extensive network of contacts nationally and internationally can help marry the perfect prize with your brand/ promotion. 

Full Logistics – Kit & Pack Solutions

Our experienced in-house Logistics team will kit, pack and dispatch your promotion on time and to budget. Whether delivering to a single location or multiple sites, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your promotion into the field.

Why invest in trade promotion?

Trade or sales promotions are an extremely valuable means for promoting your business. Use them to showcase new products or services and increase engagement with your brand. Their popularity lies in their simplicity, encouraging maximum participation and strengthening your relationship with your customers. They also aid in improving distribution, driving revenue and expanding your reach. Be where your customers are and stand out when you get there!

Why choose Adlab for a trade or sales promotion?

We know what it takes to create a great marketing campaign and have a team of experienced professionals at the ready to bring your promotion to life. This is backed by our long-standing success in the industry and our collaborative approach to support you and your marketing needs.


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