What is marketing? 

Marketing is the process by which your goods and services are put to market. It’s about how you get your message to consumers, and involves intense market research, considered advertising and attentive promotion. Your products or services meet a need in the market, and marketing will position them where your customers are and show them how you can provide that product or service better than anyone else.

Advertising Campaign Creation

From brief to key visual creation to production and distribution. Our in-house graphic design and distribution team will ease the process of running an advertising campaign, no matter what the media.

Key Visuals

Key visuals are assets that are developed for a specific advertising promotion for your company – photography, audio & video, iconography, call-to-actions and other elements are developed with consistency throughout the life of the campaign.

Concept Designs

We can work with you to generate graphics, logos, 3D Models, sketches and other elements for products or services that you are developing for launch or financial backing – our team are no strangers to NDA’s when you want to protect your sensitive work.

Point of Sale Activation

With over 30 year’s experience in retail markets Adlab’s understanding of promotional tools, production and distribution will take the hassle out of your POS activation.

Retail Presence

Making the most out of your business’ retail presence is essential to making sales, through the application of consistent design elements across a range of retail displays, we will get your brand to market.

Market Research

Understanding your customer is key to meeting their needs and preferences. Our experience and knowledge in gathering this information and analysing it for your unique market spans decades – we arrange and run focus groups, mystery shopping, surveys and other tools to collect in-depth information.


A high-quality video is a powerful tool for promoting your organisation and can be shared across a variety of platforms to increase exposure.


High quality photos are essential when promoting your organisation. Our skilled photographers can help with capturing your images.

Why Invest in Marketing?

You can’t sell a secret! Investing in marketing will help your business grow through building awareness of your brand, generating sales and fostering customer relationships and loyalty to your brand. Marketing also provides a means to educate customers, bring their attention to sales and promotions and develop your reputation in the industry. Marketing is a key factor in the success of any business.

Why choose Adlab for Marketing?

Marketing is about building relationships – and it starts with your relationship with us. We spend time getting to know your business and truly understanding your needs. We have been partnering with businesses and providing marketing services for over 30 years and have a dedicated team who are at the forefront of their industry.  Adlab’s team of 22 experts is based in Adelaide, South Australia, but serve clients across Australia and the globe.


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