What is digital?

Digital content is any information that is distributed electronically. It includes text, audio, video, graphics, animation and images. Digital content creation starts with developing ideas about information which will appeal to your audience and then carefully constructing these ideas into written and/or visual content for sharing across various platforms. Digital content can take many forms including websites, social media, online microsites, animation, videography and more.

Website Design and Production

Being found on the internet starts with having a responsive website designed for desktops, tablets & mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing

Being on social media is now a baseline expectation for organisations. It provides an opportunity for your organisation to reach your customers through another medium.

Content Creation

Producing high quality content which matches your branding is easy for our in-house team of graphic designers and content creators.


Retargeting your existing website traffic is a powerful method of promoting your organisation to people who already know about you.

Google Advertising

Google is the most popular search engine and offers a great opportunity to reach your customers while they are searching for an answer to their problem.


There’s no point having a website, if no one can find it online. Search engine optimisation will organically increase the exposure of your website to potential customers.

Online Microsites

Microsites sit outside of your main website, which allows us to customise each microsite for a specific purpose such as a special promotion.


Producing custom animations is a skill our in-house team are experts at. From simple, to complex animations, we can help.

EDM’s and Newsletters

Email marketing is a powerful medium for communicating directly to your customers and stakeholders.


A high-quality video is a powerful tool for promoting your organisation and can be shared across a variety of platforms to increase exposure.


High-quality photos are essential when promoting your organisation. Our skilled photographers can help with capturing and editing your images.

Why invest in digital?

The current digital phase is developing and expanding rapidly. As a business, it is imperative you invest in digital to position yourself at the very fingertips of your customers, literally. Use it to maximise your reach beyond what traditional methods can offer. The flexibility of digital content sets it apart from other forms and will get your message out faster, and your business will see the benefits through saved investments and an enhanced customer experience.

Why choose Adlab for digital?

Our team has a wealth of experience working in digital markets, having researched and progressed with digital trends over decades. We understand how digital content differs from other forms and apply our skills and knowledge when creating digital content to maximise the outcomes you need.


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