What is branding?

Branding is the action of telling everybody who needs to know, who you are. Or more specifically, branding is any marketing activity that leads to a specific consumer response resulting in the promotion and edification of your business’s product or service in the market. It builds a clear and recognisable face for your business or product (your brand) through the implementation of consistent brand identity elements and activities. The name, the look and the style used all work to build strong visual and audio cues for customers to identify and relate to your business or products. Your brand is who you are, and should clearly represent your business and how you want to be perceived in your industry. 

Corporate Identity

The way your business presents itself should reflect your business’ core values, beliefs and personality. Adlab will work with you to develop a strong, well-defined & unique corporate identity that represents all that your brand stands for.

Corporate Style Guides

A corporate style guide will outline the rules of use for your identity, ensuring consistent and repeatable application across different media, including your website, stationery, and ad campaigns. Presenting your business in a consistent manner is essential to help your business standout, build trust with customers and, in turn, grow.

New Product Launch

Our experience and knowledge can help you with a new product launch. From branding & identity to 3D renders & concepts, documentation, packaging, promotional campaigns, advertising and website development – we’re with you all the way.

Asset Generation

Producing eye-catching visuals that re-inforce your brand is at the heart of what we do – social media content, video, animation, photography, illustration, and typography. We can help you with consistent, on-brand, usable assets.

Digital Asset Management

Do you have a large pool of assets across different media that need distribution to your employees that are spread out across the country or the world? Our tailored Digital Asset Management portals can offer you an easy to access, easy to use solution.

Renders & Concepts

Our team of dedicated team of Graphic Designers & Illustrators can build 3D renders & concept illustrations based on your 2D plans or brief – bringing your vision to life.

Why invest in branding?

First impressions count! Style, words, design, colour, images – they all have specific meaning and purpose. Investing in creating your distinct business brand helps to attract the right customers. It also determines how customers connect with you. Building a unique identity based on your brand is key to creating trust in your product or service. Branding is a value-driving asset of your business.

Why choose Adlab for branding?

We see your organisation from an outsider’s viewpoint – the viewpoint of your customers – and apply our extensive knowledge and specialised training to work inwardly, building your identity for maximum engagement and connectivity with customers. We have a reputation for skillfully creating business branding that resonates with consumers.


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