Digital Promotional Microsites

July 27, 2020 Adlab

Running a promotion for your business is an excellent way to generate interest in your product or service. It will also help to expand your reach to potential new customers – everyone loves a chance to win something! Competitions, giveaways or multi-purchase deals can all be great ways to gain attention for your brand. However, how you choose to set up your campaign will impact its reach, effectiveness and future opportunities.

Today, we are going to look at online promotions, specifically digital promotional microsites – we are graphic and web designers after all!

What is a digital promotional microsite

A microsite is an individual website or single web page which sits outside your main company website. It will have its own domain name and separate URL to the company website. The aim of a microsite is to function as a distinct entity for a specific purpose i.e. a promotion. As such, they tend to be more simplistic and do not include information about your company, the team etc. All those details can be found on your main company website. Think of a microsite as a simple, purposeful website with a singular focus. For an example of what a microsite looks like, check out this one we created for our client:

"A microsite should get the customer’s attention and encourage engagement."

Why use a microsite?

We use the internet now more than ever for work, play and everything in between so it makes sense that your marketing should fit within the online environment. You want to engage with people where they are! While it is possible that the in-store competition entry box may still have a place, there are many benefits to taking your promotion online.

Quick and easy to launch, promotional microsites have numerous benefits. For a start, online promotions are contactless. If COVID19 has taught us anything it is just how quickly and easily germs can spread in public places. Taking your promotion online also means the entries – and the valuable information they contain – are securely stored. Further, you can easily monitor how your campaign is progressing by jumping online at any point. No more waiting to collect an entry box and going through it one entry at a time. The digital information will tell you everything you need to know at the click of a button.

Getting your microsite set up to be responsive means your audience can enter your promotion on any device, anytime. Why limit yourself to those who happen to walk into your store? Get your promotion in front of a much larger audience and give yourself the best opportunity to grow your brand and your customer base. Speaking of your brand, where your main website is largely fixed with your company colours, style and feel, you can have a bit of fun with a microsite and play with some of the elements to give it a distinct look, adding another layer to the brand personality of one of your specific products or services.

Additionally, your online promotion can be set up to include instant win features – read ‘instant gratification’! We are a very ‘now’ society so this will play right into the hands of, well, almost everyone these days.

And here’s the sealer… On completion, you will have a ready-to-go digital list of contacts for your cross-selling, up-selling, out-selling – any kind of selling (once you set up opt-in privacy disclaimers of course). This will help you effectively facilitate EDMs and remarketing activities. In the process, this ‘portal of entrant information’ can save you significant time and money! A microsite is a great way of running a promotion with on-flowing marketing benefits.

So how do I get my promotion online?

We are glad you asked! Adlab’s team are skilled at creating all things digital and work collaboratively to make your promotion come to life. No matter what your competition, offer or giveaway is, we will work within your budget and timeframe to create an online promotion that is recognisable from a brand perspective, offers simplicity and functionality and grabs the attention of potential customers.

Working with a team of professionals gives you peace of mind and lets you get on with the job at hand – managing, creating and marketing your products – while Adlab provide the vehicle for engaging customer experiences.

Promotional microsites drive customer satisfaction and invaluable customer data for future leverage!

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