Free Facebook Ad Template

Download Free Facebook Ad Template

Designing and planning a Facebook Ad can be complicated, especially if you don’t have previous technical experience with Facebook Ads. Facebook gives you control of everything in your advertisement, there’s lots of media and text that needs to be written and optimised. We’ve created this template to help everyone, regardless of their experience, plan their Facebook Ads.

How to Use this Facebook Ad Template?

  1. Open up the template and decide whether you will be producing a video or photo ad. 
  2. Make sure your media (photos or video) meets the recommended guidelines of dimensions and size. 
  3. Write the copy for the advertisement. Ensure that you remain within the character limits, otherwise Facebook will cut your text short. 
  4. Choose where your ad will direct traffic and find the website URL. 
  5. Finally decide on a Call To Action (CTA) to complete your ad. 

Now you can start to build your Facebook Ad by simply copying and pasting this text, into the Facebook Ads Manager. 

Who is this Facebook Ad Template for?

This template is designed for people who don’t have technical skills building Facebook Ads. The template makes it super easy to write the copy needed for Facebook Ads and decide on the media needed for the Facebook Ad. 

This means that anyone in an organisation can start creating Facebook Ads, and you only need one expert to compile the information inside Facebook Ads Manager.

Why should you use this Facebook Ad Template?

As we mentioned previously, launching a Facebook Ad is a technical & complicated process. This template simplifies the “creative” design of your Facebook Ad.

This template means anyone can design a Facebook Ad. No technical skills or experience with Facebook Ads Manager are needed.

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Here is the Template One Last Time…

There is no hidden catch, this Facebook Ad template really is free. We produced this template to use within our organisation, but we decided to share it with you because we think you will find it useful.

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