Behind the Scenes: Adlab’s Pick, Pack, and Dispatch Process

February 5, 2024
Posted in Branding
February 5, 2024 Morgan Menzel

Adlab proudly offers ‘Pick, Pack, and Dispatch’ (PPD) services tailored for promotional materials and Point-of-Sales (POS) kits. We utilise our years of experience and supply-chain alliances to ensure flawless, secure, and timely delivery of your important projects. In this blog, we’ll provide an in-depth look at our four-step PPD process – geared to exceed client expectations!

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Step 1: Communicate with Client

The initial (and arguably the most important) stage in our ‘Pick Pack and Dispatch’ process is taking time to understand customers’ intimate delivery needs & securing all the necessary specifications for their promotional campaign (e.g., print items, quantities, substrates, and timelines). This involves clarifying:

  • What the bespoke kits will be comprised of (e.g., 1x A3 poster, 2x wobblers, trade presenter, and 5x counter cards). 
  • The labelling and breakdown requirements.
  • If custom packing boxes or secondary wrapping are needed.
  • The designated delivery needs for every location on the dispatch database.

This step serves as the foundation for our seamless and organised approach, ensuing strong communication and the minimisation of any on-costs. 

Step 2: Pick

After finalising the client’s needs our team takes time to work out the most efficient and affordable means to kit the project (i.e., workflow, pre-counting items, labour required – checking stations required to ensure accuracy and importantly how to protect the POS from any damage on the assembly line).

Further, promotional material is audited at regular intervals to ensure quality checks are adhered to, and packing is carried out in the most timely manner achievable.

Our internal team approach guarantees that customer’s promotional materials are delivered in excellent condition, and to agreed timings.

Step 3. Pack

The third stage of our PPD process involves carefully packing your POS kits! At Adlab, we boast a well-stocked warehouse, offering durable and cost-effective packaging solutions. This includes everything from:

  • Cartons/flat packs
  • Tubes
  • In-stock ‘ready-to-go’ boxes.
  • Expertise in primary and secondary labels. 
  • Appropriate packing papers, wrapping, and tapes (as required).

Our dedicated team also specialises in sourcing custom-made packaging tailored to meet unique specifications.

Once organised, we begin carefully packing the POS kits. Throughout this process, the quantity of promotional material is re-checked to ensure accuracy prior to dispatch. To guarantee secure and damage-free transport each package is also filled with high-quality protective materials, such as:

  • Bubble wrap.
  • Air bags.
  • Foam.
  • Brown paper.

Throughout this process, the quantity of promotional material is re-checked to ensure accuracy prior to dispatch. To guarantee secure and damage-free transport, each package is also filled with relevant high-quality protective materials where required, such as air bags & packing paper.

For larger items (flatpacks / panels / menuboards to name a few) our expert team custom construct packing to suit every need…. After 40 years in the industry we know packing!

Step 4: Dispatch

The final step in our PPD process is to dispatch – affordably! To ensure a streamlined delivery experience, Adlab takes the following proactive measures:

  • We check and collate all received delivery database information for our customers (well before initiating any label/consignment creation) – intimacy with databases is crucial to our success in this space.
  • We deploy detailed information on every label for the receiving parties ease of understanding and clarification – we see this as a critical step and one that we take time to check and “get right” every time.

Once these preparations are in place, we move to dispatch- ensuring the correct mix of pallets, skids, cartons and road vs. any overnight transport are deployed per customer needs.

At Adlab, our primary objective is to simplify the delivery and activation of POS kits, offering a hassle-free and successful experience for our clients!

Closing Statement:

In summary, our behind-the-scenes look into Adlab’s Pick, Pack, and Dispatch (PPD) process unveils our unwavering commitment to delivering a service marked by precision, reliability, time-efficiency, and above all, client satisfaction!

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