History about Adlab. Timeline. Stuff about Kash. Stuff about the building. We could show some random photos from over the years – have chucked a handfull in below.
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Text from Business SA article:

Advertising design consultancy Adlab is that rare combination of decades-old business which is constantly adapting to its rapidly changing market.

“I started with Adlab 24 years ago as a junior sign writer while studying at TAFE in the evening and completing high school. I loved the business so much that, with a lot of hard-learned lessons and study, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase the business in 1997,” says Adlab principal, Kate Evans.

“I now run the business with my husband and business partner, Ashley, and a great team of employees. We also have a great relationship with a number of loyal clients and the wonderful support of some outstanding South Australian based suppliers.

“Ad/ab has travelled a fantastic journey over the past 13 years and, as we increasingly make inroads into interstate frontiers and beyond, the future of the organisation is a very exciting one.”

Ad/ab supplies design, marketing and advertising services to several companies across a range of industries including retail, franchise-based businesses, SMEs and national and international corporations.

Ad/ab is serious about customer service and establishing long-term business partnerships. It aims to provide top-end design content specific to client needs, tailor-made solutions within their budgets and appropriate and realistic timeliness to market.

Adlab’s team offers a wide array of marketing, design and advertising outputs, whether for below the line/ point of sale activities, corporate branding, promotional material, outdoor advertising, retail presence or major advertising campaigns.

Kate says Adlab’s client base developed and retained over 27 years, and her team’s commitment to keeping clients up to date and relevant, exciting and differentiated in the eyes of their customers, are the keys to success.

“There are many ways organisations can invest marketing dollars, but it is our job is to advise on an approach that derives the best return for our clients. This in turn drives more leads and referrals for our team,” she says.

“Adlab has opportunities to grow not only horizontally through new clients, but also vertically through existing clients.

“Our client base is strong with many having a number of departments and products within their folios that all offer individual opportunities for marketing and promotion. Each one of our clients requires a different solution and as such, we are constantly expanding our experience and applying our knowledge in new ways.

“Added to this is our growing multimedia business, involving website development, corporate DVDs and in-store ‘non-static’ solutions, which is further growing our client offering and already demonstrating great value to clients.”

Kate says while a single path approach to marketing can derive some outstanding results, experience shows it is vital to stay abreast of emerging markets and technologies.

“Many new marketing techniques are extremely relevant to our clients’ mix of activities and they offer exciting new outlets that can make our clients stand out in their individual markets,” she says.

“It takes a concerted effort to continually learn, often from subject matter experts and other professionals, about what is out in the big wide world, how it can be best applied to our clients and when/how to review the marketing mix – but the results are often worth it.

“Communication with clients is an essential part of our business and design process. Ad/ab involves clients at every stage of the development process, constantly seeking feedback and opinions.

“Communication with clients is by phone, email, face to face and more recently Skype and teleconferencing. If anything we err on the side of being intimate rather than distant and seek to build a close team approach to all jobs as they progress from concept to completion.

“Where possible and required, we invite and encourage clients into our studio to brainstorm and trial solutions with our team in real-time – recently Skype has been a real advantage for this.

“From start to finish, Ad/ab offers a team-to-customer approach, ensuring every client has access to both the account manager and design team involved in the project.

”This constant contact allows Ad/ab to manage and organise jobs thoroughly and with greater understanding of the client’s needs. It has served us well and is at the heart of all we do.”



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